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These rights are not unlimited, however. This article will highlight the key aspects of deposit deductions. Buy to Let Insurance Made Simple It is through our unique understanding of the buy-to-let industry that we are able to offer not only good value buildings and contents insurance, but valuable insight into the best ways to protect your investment, giving you total peace of mind.. That said your town may not be the best investment despite your inside knowledge

The structure and exterior of the property needs to be maintained, including hot water installations and water supply, electrical wiring, basins, baths, sinks and toilets. This meant that landlords paying higher (40%) or additional (45%) rate tax could claim tax relief at their highest rate. Most people prefer to come to us because they feel it will be quicker, cheaper and less stressful. For information on how landlords can deal with problem tenants check this Landlord and Tenant Board website link: The bottom line is that as tenants we have to acknowledge that we are living in a community where we have to share the amenities of a building.  It is a community where we have to live in close proximity with each other. If you are a tenant in dispute with your landlord we can also help

More choice of these schemes became available from 1 April, 2016 which you can find out about with our news story. NEXT: Landlord Rights for Property Entry and Lease Termination Landlord–tenant law is a part of the common law that details the rights and duties of landlords and tenants. This means that you also need insurance which covers you as a landlord for the extra risk from and to tenants. If you are renting from a private landlord and have a weekly tenancy, your landlord must provide a rent book or similar document

If a tenant has not rented in the past it will be your choice as to whether you want to proceed or not, but remember every tenant has to start somewhere. Call us today on 0207 631 4141 or email us on and one of our experts will be able to advise your best course of action going forward. Section 1 of the Leasehold Property (Repairs) Act 1938 may also come into play if a lease was granted for a term of at least seven years and the lease has at least three years left to run. The duty is owed where your landlord is under an obligation to repair or maintain your home, or has a right to enter the property to carry out maintenance or repairs. It reassures the lender you will still be able to meet the payments. Much will depend on your circumstances. The purpose is to ensure the availability of affordable housing in major city centers

Shared accommodation If you live in a certain type of shared accommodation in England, your landlord may need to hold a licence. Just like other tenants most are perfectly responsible and a few will be less-so. 186, § 15B). Or you need to be confident that when your tenants start looking elsewhere for comparable properties, they won’t find anything offering better value

What is the difference between market value and rebuild value? The “market value” of a property is the cost of the land; the cost of building the property plus any additional amount added based on location & local amenities (amongst other variables) that may determine the purchase value of a property. Thoughtless  tenants who drag furniture or stomp around also contribute to excessive noise problems that continually disturb other tenants’ peace and quiet. A few pieces of inexpensive carpetting from local department stores would go a long way in reducing excessive noise. • LOVELY LEASES Where serious investors get excited is buying a property they let with a full repairing and insuring (FRI) lease for 10-15 years. Research from the Electrical Safety Council has found that, as the number of people becoming landlords soars, misunderstandings between landlords and tenants over responsibilities for safety are exposing many people to life-threatening electrical dangers. You need to make sure all photographs and video evidence is clearly dated and signed and agreed by both parties

. What changes did the Housing Act 1988 implement? Three main areas of English property law were dramatically altered by the Housing Act 1988, which changed the underlying ‘common law’ on:• Rent regulation• Security of tenure, and • Succession Rent regulation Rent regulation was dramatically reduced by the Housing Act 1988. We can follow a defined investment brief, help develop a new strategy or evaluate an existing portfolio to ensure you are maximising your investment. These terms form part of the contract, even though they have not been specifically agreed between your landlord and you

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