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What is a landlord? A landlord is anyone who rents out a property they own under a lease or a licence that is shorter than seven years.  Landlords' duties apply to a wide range of accommodation, occupied under a lease or a licence, which includes but not exclusively, residential premises provided for rent by: The law and you The law is clear that if you are a landlord and rent out your property (or even a room within your own home) then you have legal responsibilities to ensure the health and safety of your tenant by keeping the property safe and free from health hazards.  Section 3(2) of the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 (HSWA) makes provision for relevant health and safety legislation to apply to landlords to ensure a duty of care is shown to their tenants’ with regard to their health and safety. New rules would include tougher affordability assessments that may make it more difficult for landlords to get a mortgage. “We put landlords in contact with tenants and they conduct their own viewings, which enables you to meet the people who will be living in your investment.” Online estate agencies such as eMoov offer a similar service to a high street lettings agent, taking photos, drawing floorplans and arranging viewings for a flat fee of £249 (excluding VAT)

(Please note that we are an Agency and not an advertising company and cannot offer advertising space for those letting their properties elsewhere). But it is important to note that many, if not all, of these investments carry high levels of risk. Auction bids can either be placed in person, by proxy, over the phone or online. What about excluded occupiers? A tenant may be considered an excluded occupier if they live with you, sharing the kitchen, bathroom, or other common spaces. If the tenant doesn't move (or reform -- for example, by paying the rent or finding a new home for the dog), you can then file a lawsuit to evict. My point is, no one can teach you everything about being a landlord, not even the experts, and no one can fully prepare you. Electrical inspections If your property is a house in multiple occupation of any kind then you must have a five yearly electrical safety check carried out by a competent electrician even if you do not need a licence. This policy will set out the terms, conditions and limitations of cover provided under the plan

Paul Gelder is a Partner at MS LAW Solicitors and a Landlord. A change from a C3 to a C4, however, may, at the relevant local planning authority’s discretion, require planning permission. And unless they are ‘stinking rich’ (which most small landlords are not) I don’t even think they have a moral duty to do this. Are you a landlord who rents out residential properties? Or perhaps you rent out offices, shops or properties for commercial use. What does landlord insurance cover? Landlord insurance can cover you against a multitude of different circumstances and you can tailor your policy to meet your needs. Fire practice Fire safety regulations are complex as the exact responsibilities vary according to the type of property you rent out

2. A repair will not qualify for the scheme if the local authority has fewer than 100 properties, is not responsible for the repair or if the authority decides it would cost more than £250. What you might get If you invested £40,000 and repeated the 399% gain recorded by Coutts you would be looking at around £200,000, but no one expects that sort of return going forward. All deposits taken for Assured Shorthold Tenancies after this date must be covered by a Tenancy Deposit Protection Scheme

There is a reason, however, why most states have insisted on strict compliance. When making comparisons, the P/E ratio can give you a refined view of a particular stock valuation. There doesn’t have to be a breach of the tenancy agreement

So in some cases, you may wish to consider taking gadget insurance on single items or extended warranty on domestic appliances. Find out what the payment arrangements are I’ve noticed that a lot of the times DSS tenants don’t actually know how the system works, so more often than not, they just improvise on the truth just so they come across as clued up. This is called a retention. According to the index, commuter belt towns with good links to the capital are currently the best bet for investors. It is a good, steady income, though, and it’s an investment you feel you can control – particularly if you have lost confidence in the stock market, as many have in recent years

Please note the regulatory statement above takes precedent over that shown below. Therefore you should not delay too long in filing the T2 application. So be diligent. Always obtain independent professional advice for your own particular situation

• CHANGING TIMES On the continent, lifestyle tenants are the norm and it’s an increasing trend here — particularly among the younger generation who think they will never get on the property ladder, like the freedom of renting and are used to moving around more for work. Even if you’re a good landlord , you’ll probably have to go through the eviction process at least once in your career. What can my landlord do? If you build up rent arrears, your landlord has the right to try to evict you. It includes elements of both real property law (specifically conveyances) and contract law

Whatever your problem, you should find some help here. Your tenant can submit an application if you don't make repairs or improvements or fail to provide services as a condition of a rent increase. The one thing that united all letting agents was universally shrugging the responsibility to the landlords. 4. You can have the rent paid directly to you, if your tenant meets certain criteria

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